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Inquisition Torture Porn - Free Galleries

[ Modern Inquisition - Breast and fingers torture ]

The therapy plan is to fight against her perverted lust by inflicting pain directed to specific body parts, which are responsible for her abnormal behaviour. So the doc begins to insert needles under her fingernails - as to teach her not to use her fingers for perverted sexual actions again. A vaginal sensor is placed inside her cunt to control her sexual reactions during all the therapy lessons. The slut is wriggling while sitting in the interrogation chair and crying in pain during this lesson, which seems to be very effective at all. Of course her fingers are not the only origin of evil. Her tits also must be treated. Several needles are pierced into her tits too. The vaginal sensor says that she is still wet and warm inside her cunt. The Reverend Mother then begins to heat the needles which are pierced into her fingers. They hope that if the delinquent is tortured like this her lust will be reduced to a normal level..

[ Modern Inquisition - Testing experience ]

In her first night after she has been arrested, the nymphomaniac seduces the doc. It seems that she likes being fucked deep into her throat which such a kind of lust that she does not care to nearly vomit. The reverend mother is very annoyed by the behaviour of the young slut. While being bound down on her knees, the bitch becomes punished severely until her ass turns red by weals. Next Reverend Mother proceeds with several tests, inspired by the notes in the sluts diary. Using the large dildo she becomes fucked into her mouth and her cunt just as she has described. But why is she crying now? For sure, it?s a kind of bluff!

[ Modern Inquisition - Isabel examination ]

After she has been brought into our house, she becomes examinated by our medics. The slut does not like this, which is very suspicious. They test her reactions and sense of pain, also they find out that she is in good condition for the re-education...

[ Medieval Inquisition - Agatha interrogation ]

Agatha gets a severe whipping and caning for a first punishment. Then she has to feel the heat of the stake while she is bound to the cross. The heat should force the demons out of her sinful body when she sweats in sheets. Then the torturer continue stretching her body on the rack, where she gets beaten before the water torture begins...

[ Medieval Inquisition - Trapped in the dungeon ]

The beauty wench Agatha is suspected to be a witch and a murderer! Trapped in the dungeon of the Inquisition, the torturers will have no mercy with such a sinner. First her pubic hair is shaved, then she gets a severe whipping and caning for a first punishment...

[ Modern Inquisition - Tits and Pussy Electroshock ]

The conductivity is optimized by fixing the contacts on the most sensitive parts of her body. The Reverend Mother knows them more than good. Screw clamps in addition promise the necessary hold in case of exorbitant twitches... They start with lighter impulses to give the delinquent the chance to participate on the clarification of the crimes... Voltage is enhanced and questions are repeated. For a long time it is very difficult to understand what 41 wants to say. Finally also her pride is broken. 41 seems to be completely gentle she is hardly made out. 41 shows her will to cooperate. At least she confesses.

[ Modern Inquisition - Clamps ]

First step on a very long way of reeducation. Reverend Mothers dedication to this mission is more than exemplary! Immediately 41 is fixed on a ladder bank... Clamps are to be used to prevent immoral handling and thievery - preferably extensive to grant the most possible effect. Very effective is the use on the sensitive points. More than ever the little things have the biggest impact... And not to drag on that torture she forces the procedure with her cane. One clamp after the other is flogged away from her body. That mulish thing does not seem to concede.

Modern Inquisition - Interrogation at office

Reverend Mother knows how to handle that case, what else?!? Soon no.41, Maya in the past, notices which local value she is taking in the organization and in case of following the orders of the Reverend Mother she could keep away from greater suffering... But some bitches think to defy it as long as possible. Soon the dear clothes are a thing of the past - Reverend Mother uses a cutter. Obviously 41 has stolen for a very long time. Now she receives her lesson and will learn the meaning of shame.

[ Medieval Inquisition - Judas cradle ]

Punished by one of the most barbarous methods of torture for witches - the judas cradle

[ Medieval Inquisition - Forbidden desire ]

Anna is the name of the witch blamed - beauty redheaded and attractive broad. She seems to be delicate and innocent but even these are her most insidious means of seducement that inspire forbidden desire in our most devotional brother.

[ Modern Inquisition - Captured and brought ]

This scene documentation about a really extraordinary case. A young bitch called Tila has been captured after she tried to escape the asylum where she was in secure custody. This slut was well known to be difficult and dangerous and all the therapies which have been tried to educate her have failed. Now she was suggested to be brought to our house and we offered our help - we know how such sluts she is have to be treated like..

[ Medieval Inquisition - Accident with cavalier]

A pretty blonde wench has caused the accident of a cavalier. It seems she used a curse, so the Inquisition had to arrest her. She really seems to be involved into witchcraft - whatever she is telling her interrogators is a lie! But they will find out the truth?

[ Medieval Inquisition - Tortures and humiliation ]

Hot potatoes in her pussy... What a humiliation! This is a good lesson for witch, pilferer and whore.

[ Medieval Inquisition - Dungeon Whipping ]

Second day tortures... humiliation, whipping, candles, perverse devices...

[ Medieval Inquisition - Suspended and whipped ]

Grete is suspended for the questioning - of course with heavy stone weights to complicate her suffering.

[ Medieval Inquisition - Witch Circle ]

Ashamed ultimately Grete has to follow the path of the Witch circle for all the world to see...

[ Medieval Inquisition - Water torture and feet branding ]

Grete is fixed on a tree and has to endure a stinking water torture of her tormentors filling her stomach. But not enough, her feet are branded with a glowing log.

[ Medieval Inquisition - Iron catch ]

Suspended with iron catches. Helena has to endure the questions of the Inquisition. Thumbscrews and feet clamp should fasten her confession...

[ Medieval Inquisition - Dungeon Whipping ]

Witch is stripped naked and bound in dungeon for whipping and tortures by really perverse methods.

[ Modern Inquisition - Serve and lesson for tits ]

She has to demonstrate her talent to serve on the lowermost level. Crawling on all fours she has to serve Reverend Mother and the applicant while the cane sets the pace on her bare ass. A further lesson is for her tits. She has prepared the hot coffee for herself and now she can dip her fleshly cloth in the cops filled. Again it seems that she likes that.

[ Medieval Inquisition - Fixed at the pillory ]

Fixed at the pillory people feel up Grete immorally and furthermore pelt her with unsound fruits.

[ Modern Inquisition - Training dildo ]

The bitch has to be teached to serve and desire her husband! Her perverse sexuality has to be turned to normal by further painful lessons. To make her used to the normal way of sexuality she must be trained by feeling manhood and male genitalia in overdose. The witch is very receptive in all kinds of male penetration. What a surprise! Her talent seems to be enough to serve as a good and well-educated wife once she has finished the re-education. But what is missing is her will! We are sure she will learn to like what is expected, but she will have to stay in our house for a long time first.

[ Modern Inquisition - Interrogation Chair ]

The punishment begins, and the bitch is fixed exposed and with her legs spread wide apart sitting on the interrogation chair. She is caned severely by the colonel. First of all her endurance is tested by electric torment at her tits. There is a rule which says that the more horniness and sexual perversion is in a woman, the greater is the pain and suffering she can stand. And, reverse: the more torment a girl stands, the more perversion may be in her mind. Beth stands a lot...

[ Modern Inquisition - Barrel ]

Physical arguments - which should be helpful for the slut to keep her head and her thoughts more cool. Her head is dunked into a big barrel of water again and again, while the Reverend Mother is giving her a cane. Without having any permission, the deranged slut started swallowing the water from inside the barrel. To avoid this undesirable behaviour, the guards were pissing into the water. But she was swallowing the filthy urine water as well - what a vile and dirty slut she is!

[ Modern Inquisition - Become a better ]

Soon it is obvious that she is a case of hardship, as she further refuses to accept the accusation and the inhabitation in the bastille. This is a typical kind of behaviour such women have, well known since the time of the witch trails in the middle ages. So it is not a surprise that she is not convinced our methods will really help her to become a better human being. But after a first hard caning by the Reverend Mother she is convinced and she agrees grateful to keep staying in the fraternitys house, beginning her therapy at once.

[ Modern Inquisition - Metal bed ]

Electric shocks are very helpful to achieve success in the sleep deprivation method, so our organization did spend a lot of money to develop a great power unit which is exactly designed for our needs. The amperage and voltage can be easily adjusted and there are several ways to connect the cables to the female delinquents body. The electro shocks are very painful but they never cause serious damage to the witches they are used on, even if those bitches will feel like being roasted alive. Our fathers in the past used fire and the stake. We have electricity, but the effect (and the success) are nearly the same... The slut seemed to try dancing while laying on the metal slatted frame as we gave the electric shocks and we can easily imagine she could do her job well as a prostitute having sex winding and lolling in her filthy bed at home with her customers. Later we connected the cables with clamps to her intimate body parts, her nipples and her labia, to intensify the therapy to adjust her perverted sexuality also. In order to teach delinquent 18 more about body hygiene and alertness, a special procedure of personal hygiene was executed while she was still chained to the bed. The slut was hosed down with ice cold water, and the tough water-jet was very painful when it hit the soft parts of her body. After all, the first day of her therapy seemed to be successful. She did not manage to fall asleep during the treatment, like it often has been the strategy of the witches in the middle ages while being tortured and interrogated as well to \'escape\' to their dreams and avoid the pain. So the Reverend Mother decided to keep her in our house to continue her therapy.

[ Modern Inquisition - Coffee and examination ]

After the arrest she was caged for the first night in a special dark dungeon. Next morning she was brought to the Reverend Mother to be interrogated. The lady was just about to rest and having breakfast, so she was not amused to be disturbed by the dirty appearance of the new delinquent. In her rage she doused the slut with the fresh hot coffee salutatory. After that they teared off the sluts dirty clothes and she had to throw them to the garbage by herself as a symbolic act: the slut will loose her old and vile way of living to be lost irrecoverably. The Reverend Mother told her about the accusal and the suggested therapy, but as suspected, the delinquent denied.


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